Fostering a culture of preparedness - Get Ready 5th Grade Bay Area

Between November 2011 and November 2012, the City of San Rafael Office of Emergency Services lead a regional workgroup to develop a youth preparedness curriculum for 5th graders and their families throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. The Get Ready 5th Grade Workgroup (GR5WG) was comprised of seven representatives from local government agencies throughout the Bay Area Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) region. The workgroup members shared experience in fire safety & prevention, emergency management, public education & outreach, law enforcement, and K-12 education. Together, they present to the regional public safety agencies and educators, a plan for local agency implementation of Get Ready 5th Grade Bay Area youth and family preparedness program, for all public and private schools for use beginning the 2012/2013 school year.

Get Ready 5th Grade Workgroup members

Get Ready 5th Grade Bay Area Project Manager
John Lippitt
San Rafael Fire Department and Office of Emergency Services
Deputy Fire Marshal and Emergency Services Coordinator

Genevieve Pastor-Cohen
Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department
Emergency Preparedness Manager

Lucas Eckroad
San Francisco Department of Emergency Management
Schools and Universities Liaison

Maggie Lang
Mill Valley Fire Department, Emergency Preparedness Committee
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

Terry Longoria
Napa County Office of Education
Director, School & Community Partnership Projects

Matt Lucett
North County Fire Authority
Community Emergency Preparedness/Planning Chief

Margaret Romiti
Concord Police Department
Emergency & Volunteer Services Manager