Fostering a culture of preparedness - Get Ready 5th Grade Bay Area

Welcome to the Get Ready 5th Grade Bay Area project website. Please review the website and program resources available to local agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thank you for being a partner in youth emergency preparedness.

If you’re a program manager or trainer responsible for emergency preparedness and public safety education this website is a resource for you!

The Get Ready 5th Grade Bay Area program was rolled out in November of 2012 through outreach and invitations to key stakeholders to attend webinars and/or a workshop. To learn more about the plans for regional implementation of the Get Ready 5th Grade Bay Area program, as well as a sustainability strategy, visit the Resources page to view the webinar and download the Implementation Plan.

Between November 2011 and November 2012 program outreach was done to near 300 stakeholders throughout the Bay Area UASI region to share information about the Get Ready 5th Grade Bay Area program.

**Winter 2014 UPDATE:The program is in various stages of implementation across the Bay Area. Beyond the Bay Area Southern California is modifying the program for more wildfire preparedness. Cal OES and FEMA have expressed interest in the program and making it available on a larger scale.

Stakeholders included:

  • Emergency Managers
  • Fire Chiefs
  • Police Chiefs
  • County Offices of Education
  • Superintendents
  • Principals
  • Teachers
  • Agencies and trainers responsible for emergency preparedness and public safety education.

Program Materials Available:

  • FREE student manuals
  • Implementation Plan
  • Lesson plans, Instructor Guide, games & activities
  • Program manager tools
  • Sample letters for outreach
  • Sustainability Strategy
  • Lessons learned from Marin County instructors

We wish you a successful Get Ready 5th Grade program implementation!

Program materials available to the Bay Area UASI jurisdictions were developed under a grant from FEMA's Grant Programs Directorate, U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Award #2010-CA-T0-002. Individuals must be affiliated with an agency within the Bay Area UASI jursidictions in order to receive program materials.